The Estate

The Estate

The Island Palm Estates is a newly constructed estate that includes 2 separate, luxurious homes with all the modern conveniences and casual charm that a premiere island getaway should have. The homes lay out on a large secluded ocean front beach with dense palm fauna surrounding 2 amazing pools and a gym shared by both houses that includes, Weight Bench, Free Weights, Elliptical Machine and Treadmills. Each home has private parking, its own pool, and expansive oceanfront porches for entertaining, relaxing and grilling. Each house can be rented individually for a private getaway or together for a large group. Please note, we don't allow weddings on the property.

  • Corporate Retreats

    The facility is large enough to offer private sleeping quarters, spacious meeting areas and activities to entertain all during any down time. In addition, there are large plasma television as well as wi-fi internet and telephone service to give your employees the connectivity and presentation abilities needed to stay productive.

  • Family Reunions

    We specialize in providing the comforts away from home that allow for time together and reconnecting with family and friends. With multiple bedrooms and bathrooms in each house, all of the necessary housewares and conveniences, there are areas to entertain, areas to play and converse and areas to get away for quiet.

  • Photo Shoots

    The natural beauty of the area makes for a great location for photo shoots. The casual elegance of the interiors and large open spaces with sweeping views also lends itself to photo shoots and film productions. The ease of transportation to the home, parking and the overall spacious layout of the estate provide a private, multi purpose property that would be well suited for capturing nature at its best.